In the world of software testing, tests sometimes fail. That’s a fact of life.

Multi Tenancy

What is a Multi-Tenant Architecture

In a hyper-competitive world, companies are trying to maximize their efficiency across the entire organisation. Whether it’s upskilling employees, modernising legacy infrastructure, or adapting the best production/development process, enterprises constantly look to make themselves better. Well, at least the ones that are planning to stay in the game for long certainly are! Hence it should come as no surprise that companies of varying scale and different verticals have adapted Cloud Computing for their infrastructure needs. The older ways of on-premise infrastructure and owned IT hardware is giving way to simpler ways of accessing, configuring, and implementing infrastructure via the Cloud…

Security Checklist — II

Network Communication Requirements

How does MQTT work in IoT projects?

How to increase the speed of software development

FIDO (Fast Identity Online)

“Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread”

on a piece of paper and gave it to the first student sitting on the first row and asked him to whisper whatever he read in the next student’s ears. The second student was asked to repeat whatever he heard to the third student, and so on. This process was repeated till the student in the last row and finally he/she was asked to say what he heard. He said

An enterprise can be considered as “Digitally compliant” if it has the following traits.

  1. Customer experience, which is digital all the way. From inquiry to after-sales
  2. Continuous…


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