How does MQTT work in IoT projects?
How does MQTT work in IoT projects?

If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!

What Is IoT?

How to increase the speed of software development
How to increase the speed of software development

Software development is a complex process. And it’s constantly reimagined or repurposed with new features. Unlike the production industry or manufacturing industry, increasing the number of people/resources won’t increase the speed of software development proportionately. The reason being, no other engineering discipline uses Intellectual capital as much as software development. Software development is perhaps the most knowledge-intensive engineering branch. So how does one increase or optimize the speed of an engineering discipline which is more abstract than concrete?

Software development as an activity comprises people, processes, and technology. To increase the speed of development, the math is simple. Assuming everything…

FIDO (Fast Identity Online)
FIDO (Fast Identity Online)

Take a moment to consider the number of online accounts that you have. It does not matter whether they are social media accounts, news sites, blogs or enterprise accounts. The answer would be quite a lot. And that’s fairly common for anybody. Also it’s pretty safe to say that pretty much all these accounts are password protected. So any user at any given time is dealing with a lot of passwords and the complications associated with it. …

The popularity of every great web or mobile based application depends upon how versatile and how much of an intuitive feeling does it give. Every software company, be it a 2 people startup to a global conglomerate which has offices in multiple countries, attribute their success solely on their product. The DNA of a great product depends upon the various tools and languages used to make it as a successful product. Every software company is unique in its origins. Each company is created to solve a specific problem. …

Agile methodologies and DevOps are widely adopted by many software service providers and consulting companies. The primary driver for this adoption being, faster delivery of products, independent teams, and generally better all-around synergy between the engineering and operations team.

In this DevOps and Agile world, the traditional modes of quality assurance, like manual testing, are not as effective when it comes to quality assurance. …

A professor, to highlight the importance of communication, gave a simple exercise involving the whole class. He wrote a tongue twister

“Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread”

on a piece of paper and gave it to the first student sitting on the first row and asked him to whisper whatever he read in the next student’s ears. The second student was asked to repeat whatever he heard to the third student, and so on. This process was repeated till the student in the last row and finally he/she was asked to say what he heard. He said

This post is a companion to our earlier blog on What is digital transformation. These articles, together, will help an enterprise evaluate the need for a digital transformation and how to go about finding a partner for the same. In this article, we present important objective & measurable ways to select your technology partner. We highlight certain requirements that are mandatory and a few “good to have” traits. As we highlighted here , Digital transformation is the planning, analysing, conducting & support of business operations via technology.

An enterprise can be considered as “Digitally compliant” if it has the following traits.

  1. Customer experience, which is digital all the way. From inquiry to after-sales
  2. Continuous…

Data and Big Data

To understand Hadoop and it’s working, it is necessary to know what Big data is. As the internet grew and with the advent of Web 2.0 & 3.0, demand for data grew. Data collected and shared increased. Particularly with social media and IoT , there is an exponential growth of data stored, transacted and accumulated. Big data is an umbrella term for a large volume of data.

Big Data Analytics

Data is information. Information that is used for planning, for scheduling, forecasting, budgeting, mitigating, etc. The larger the data set, more accurate the information. Hence the importance of Big data. Big data helps…

Business Transformation

Uncertainty is the new normal today, with no clear end as well. Businesses, small and large, have been besieged with unprecedented challenges. Any business is constantly in a state of improvement, upgrade and transition. This is necessitated primarily by the current pandemic, then changing market economics, customer preferences, government policies etc. Business transformation is inevitable. It can be defined as changes or modification to business operations necessitated by the need to improve or due to external factors such as Covid. Digital transformation is one of the key steps in Business transformation

What is digital transformation?

Is it simply the adaptation of technology in an…

CI/CD is a central part of software engineering. It is a well defined, automated life cycle for code integration and delivery to stakeholders(QA’s, Customers, Business heads etc). Central to this is automation. CI/CD or the lifecycle is built on automation. Software development teams usually consist of people with diverse skill sets. Such as engineering, quality, business associate, CxOs, designers, administrators etc. CI/CD as a discipline helps these diverse groups to communicate effectively by continuously integrating and delivering. For e.g.

Are Design artefacts available in the code repository?

Great, The CI,CD pipeline will automatically send a mail notifying the development team.


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