How to choose the best tech stack for a project in 2021?

Why do we need Tech Stacks?

What are the Best Tech Stacks?

What is Angular.js?

How does Angular.js utilize MVC Model?

What is Express.js?

What are the Advantages of Express.js?

Express.js makes it effortlessly easy to use any Node.js web based applications.

Express.js stands out from other frameworks by being very versatile and easy to configure and customise.

The framework of Express.js makes it easier to configure and customise various components.

Express.js is that it allows developers to maintain routes which are based on URLs and standard HTTPs methodology.

Express.js is the ability of having various middleware modules. They can be utilised to create extra routines for response and request. Template engines like Vash, EJS, etc are supported and are compatible with Express.js framework.

Express.js also supports the procedures which deal with error-handling. There is also a feature of Express.js which serves the static files and provides resources and makes it easier for the usage of applications.

Express.js also supports the API generation of RESTful. The major advantage of Express.js is that it connects with databases like MongoDB, MySQl,etc.

What is Node.js?


The major advantage of Node.js compared to other runtime environments is that it is extremely fast and responsive.

It is an open source environment which means that the community is very active and it has a lot of users providing constant feedback.

Node.js is increasing it’s base and more and more developers are adapting it which makes the technology to stay for a long time to come.

Node.js provides support for the development of applications in Real-Time.

The developers using Node.js find it that it enhances the overall productivity.


Node.js provides below optimum performance for CPU queries which are intensive.

Node.js provides a completely low performance with applications which are large scale.

Node.js also experiences the issue of not being consistent with the application program interface (API).

Another issue which developers face while using Node.js is that they experience low quality usage of relational databases.

What is MongoDB?


The advantages of MongoDB includes it having a schema less database.

MongoDB has an object structure which is focused on clarity.

MongoDB is highly scalable and it focuses on supporting deep queries.

MongoDB also has a higher quality of tuning.

Developers find MongoDB to be extra useful when unlike other databases, MongoDb stores the working set in internal memory which in turn provides quick access to data.


MongoDB has certain disadvantages. MongoDB has a huge data size. MongoDB is quite inflexible when it is running queries.

MongoDB also faces the problem of it not having a support for transactions.

MongoDB is currently quite slow in performing the functions of data analysis and it’s speed can be improved

What is MERN stack?

What is React.js?

Which is better: Angular.js or React.js?

Advantages of Angular.js

The difference between framework and library is that framework focuses on its structure to provide the code.

The framework specifically provides the right architecture to make sure that the code is organised properly.

Angular.js focuses on utilising the Model-View-Controller structure in development of front-end based applications.

Angular.js also sets itself apart by providing additional functions.

Angular.js has a specific built in function in order to make the https requests.

Disadvantages of Angular.js

When compared on the basis of performance then React.js arguably performs better than Angular.js.

Angular.js implements the data binding and digest cycles which is two way. This is done in order to enable the view layer synchronisation with the underlying layer of data.

This provides a big drawback as tens of data items needs to be constantly updated and will be expensive for the developer.

The changes of state are easily detected using the unidirectional data flow and it is extremely useful when there are data sets which are huge in size and easily thousands of records can be updated and rendered.

Which Stack is better?

Why is the MERN Stack better?

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack?



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